NUKI 2.0 Motorised Digital Lock BASIC (Airbnb) NUKI 2.0 Motorised Digital Lock BASIC (Airbnb)NUKI 2.0 Motorised Digital Lock BASIC (Airbnb)

NUKI 2.0 Motorised Digital Lock BASIC (Airbnb)

Nuki turns your smartphone into a smart key in only a few minutes. Install Nuki on the inside of your existing door lock and get full remote control over the status of your lock via your smartphone (iOS & Android).

Nuki is the first Bluetooth Smart Lock
for Europe with permanent Internet
connectivity. By using Bluetooth,
Nuki automatically unlocks your door
when you come home and locks it at
the push of a button when you leave.
The Smart Lock is a retrofit solution
that is designed to be easily installed
without modifying the existing door
lock. Depending on the height of the
lock cylinder, the Smart Lock can be
clamped on it, or glued to the door. When the Nuki Bridge is installed additionally, Nuki connects with the Internet. Thus, the Smart Lock offers remote control of the door lock while you are on-the-go so that you can open the door e.g. to artisans.

Smart Control via Your Smartphone App

Download the Nuki app from the Apple App Store or Google Play Store to set up Nuki and connect your Smart Lock to your smartphone. The Nuki app allows you to share access permissions to family and friends, limit them for a certain period of time and, if necessary, revoke them. Nuki is also controllable via your Smartwatch and is compatible with Android Wear and Apple Watch.


Your smartphone replaces the physical key

Automatic opening of your door with Auto Unlock

Unlimited number of keys through mobile access permissions

Full control of the status of your door lock with the Nuki Bridge

Simple and elegant design by EOOS


Set comes with : 

  • Basic 2.0 Digital Lock
  • Wifi Bridge


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